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    Liangsen machinery co., LTD., founded in 2000, is a private enterprise specializing in the production of high precision parts and components.
    The company has the world's most advanced high precision core walking machine 10 sets, 25 sets of CNC lathes, and processing centers, grinding machines, milling machines and other auxiliary equipment more than 70 sets. Can process stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel and other different materials, to provide all kinds of precision hardware machinery parts, auto parts customized production and other comprehensive solutions. At the same time, the company introduced imaging precision mapping instrument, surface roughness measurement instrument, surface contour shape measurement instrument, projector, tool microscope, concentricity measurement instrument, three coordinates and other advanced detection equipment and perfect quality control system, strict detection means and methods.
    Products cover machinery parts (connector series, the series of belt, valve, bearing and lubrication system components, etc.), automotive safety class precision parts (front and rear wheel hub bearing, wheel hub unit, wheel hub, wheel bearing kits when tight round bearings, clutch release bearings, belt, air conditioning compressor bearings, gearbox transmission bearings, turbo, booster and brake, etc.) and high iron series products and non-standard screw nut, etc., are widely used in automobile, machinery, equipment, construction and other industries.
    Since the establishment of the company, strict implementation of ISO/TS16949 quality management system. Adhering to the enterprise mission of "creating value for customers"! In the era of high-speed Internet to provide "high value-added products" is the only business policy!


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